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The Job Seeker GHOSTING epidemic needs to stop!

Updated: Feb 6

As a job seeker, have you ever been ghosted? Doesn't feel good, right? So why do we ghost people? Why? Why not treat people as you would like to be treated...remember Karma!

In the fast-paced realm of IT recruitment & Tech Project Resourcing, an unsettling trend is on the rise: job seeker ghosting. But what exactly is it, & why should we, as an industry & community, be concerned?

What is Job Seeker Ghosting?

Job seeker ghosting occurs when job seekers, after applying or interviewing, are left without any communication, feedback, or closure from employers or recruiters. This phenomenon is particularly prevalent in sectors like IT & tech project resourcing, where the recruitment process often becomes a quantity-based numbers game.

Why Does It Happen?

The primary drivers behind this issue are:

  • high levels of recruiter competition driven by contingent recruitment strategies (eg, multiple recruiters advertising the same vacancy)

  • the high usage of internet job boards, hyping the job market

  • the high volume of job seeker applications fuelled by an over-hyped internet job boards

  • a laser focus on filling vacancies quickly

In the rush to secure successful talent, communication with unsuccessful candidates often falls by the wayside.

The Impact on Job Seekers & Brand Reputation

For job seekers, the effects are disheartening:

  • increased stress

  • diminished trust in the recruitment process

  • a sense of professional devaluation.

Personally, I know job seekers who have applied to more than 100 jobs & have received no meaningful acknowledgement. Others have been interviewed (1st, 2nd) & then hear nothing, absolutely nothing. No rejection, no closure, just nothing.

For employers & recruiters, this practice can tarnish brand reputation, leading to negative perceptions and a reluctance among top talents to engage in future opportunities.

Why Should We Address Job Seeker Ghosting?

It's about basic human respect. Treat people how you would like to be treated...remember Karma!

Tackling job seeker ghosting isn't just about doing the right thing; it's about smart business. By enhancing candidate experience, companies can build stronger brand reputations, foster trust, & attract top talent. This approach leads to a more engaged candidate pool and a more robust, respectful recruitment ecosystem.

Let's do our little bit to change this narrative. Let's prioritise respect, communication, & feedback, to transform the recruitment landscape into one that values every job seekers journey.

Want to know more about this alarming trend as well as other tech recruitment industry 'elephants in the room'? Download Now: Talentology's "13 Sad Truths about Tech Project Resourcing" at embark on your journey towards a more successful and respectful recruitment strategy.

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