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How We Work

Discover the unique process behind communITy by Talentology.
Learn how our commitment to community, quality, simplicity & ethical practices shapes every step of our talent engagement & project resourcing, setting new standards in the IT recruitment industry.

Initial Consultation

We work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs for IT talent.  We often introduce our clients to our IT SME Leaders to scope & design talent & project requirements.


Expert Vetting & Selection

Candidates are rigorous vetted by our expert IT SME leaders, ensuring each match meets our high quality standards.  Our leaders won't recommend anyone unless they would hire them themselves.


Candidate Preparation Support

We provide a comprehensive briefing & personalised coaching, equipping candidates with insights & strategies to feel comfortable, excel in interviews & truly showcase their capabilities.


Quality Focus over Quantity

We focus on finding the perfect match for each requirement, prioritising the quality of candidates & service over the volume of submissions, ensuring optimal efficiency & outcomes for our clients.


Satisfaction Guarantee

We provide a profit-back guarantee on our services, ensuring peace of mind & accountability in delivering the high-quality services our clients should expect from every engagement.


Community Talent Search

We tap into our IT SME community & professional networks, ensuring we connect with only the most trusted, proven talent suited to your project's unique needs. No internet job boards!


Communication & Feedback

We ensure ongoing process transparency, providing a regular feedback loop to all involved, fostering an environment of trust & openness, & avoid ghosting.


Engagement & Onboarding

We support both our clients & talent through both the engagement & onboarding process to ensure our talent & teams reach peak productivity as soon as possible.


Community Reward

We celebrate collective achievements by sharing profits with our community members who play a pivotal role in successful engagements, fostering a culture of appreciation & collaboration.


Ongoing Premium Support

We ensure that after each engagement, all parties continue to receive premium assistance, fostering trusted relationships & ensuring long-term success for our clients, our talent & our community.


Ready to experience a recruitment journey where trust, quality, & community come first?

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