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We use our
sales superpowers
to help IT SMEs grow!

We provide unique 'As-a-Service' Sales & Demand Generation services to support Australian IT Small & Medium businesses (IT SMEs) & VIP IT Contractors

With over 25 years of IT sales experience, we are experts in building sustainable
sales pipelines & client relationships through trusted networks.

Inspired by the Gig Economy & the growing movement towards entrepreneurialism, we provide proven sales & demand generation services to drive the sales growth of Australian IT SMEs in an ‘As-a-Service’ format.

We use our selling superpowers to develop fruitful sales pipelines by orchestrating successful symbiotic relationships between IT SMEs, Australian Corporates & Government to develop ongoing business success.

No gimmicks, no silver bullets

...just 27 years of tech sales, marketing & orchestration experience
to support your business success 

What sales services do we provide?

Life for the leader of a growing IT SME can feel like being a one-man band – you’re responsible for delivering every element of the business without being an expert. 
Talentology can provide you with the leadership, activity & support you need from both a sales & growth perspective.
As an ‘as-a-Service’ offering, we can tailor our services to directly meet your needs.
• For basic lead generation, our fees are based on success – you win, we win!

• For dedicated sales-related project & consulting-related engagements, we can be engaged by the day, by project or on an ongoing retainer.

Talentology provides a wide range of sales services to benefit IT SMBs

Why should you choose
IT SME SalesManager-as-a-Service?

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Expert, hands-on sales leadership with over 25 years experience

Image by Charles Forerunner

Large number of trusted channel partners to maximise sales opportunities

Image by bruce mars

Unique leveraged demand generation methodology that really works
(NO cold calling!)

Image by Cytonn Photography

Fee-for success or retainer engagement models

Image by Riccardo Annandale

Easy access &
wide exposure to a range of potential clients

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Attract more qualified leads, strengthen
sales pipeline &
grow client base

Need some help with your sales & marketing?

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