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10 Ways We're Different From The Herd

At communITy by Talentology, we transcend the conventional with a pioneering approach that intertwines the power of community, trust, & unparalleled expertise.

Our ethos is not just about filling positions but about forging meaningful connections, offering transparency, & delivering tailored solutions that truly resonate with the needs of our clients & the aspirations of our talent.

Dive into our distinct world, where we challenge the status quo & lead with innovation & integrity.

Business Team


Community-Centric Approach

Unique focus on building & leveraging a trusted community of IT SMEs & professionals, ensuring a high-quality talent pool.


Quality Over Quantity

Prioritisation of talent quality & cultural fit over sheer numbers, leading to more successful placements & project outcomes.

Young Business Colleagues


Commitment to a
no-ghosting policy

Our no-ghosting policy ensures that every individual is treated with respect & receives timely communication throughout the recruitment process.


We don't use
internet job boards

Exclusive reliance on our professional networks & trusted community referrals, avoiding the impersonal nature of mass-market job listings.

Networking Event
Business Meeting


Personal Respect & Transparency

Commitment to treating all individuals with respect, maintaining open & honest communication, & never ghosting candidates or clients.


Profit-Back Guarantee

Confidence in services backed by a guarantee, offering peace of mind & risk mitigation for clients.

Image by Cytonn Photography
Business People Applauding


People Over Profits

Dedication to prioritising the well-being and success of people—both clients & community members—above financial gains.


Profit Sharing with Community

Sharing successes & profits with community members who contribute to client projects, fostering a collaborative & rewarding ecosystem.

Cheerful Business Meeting
Successful Work Team


Ethical & Karma-Inspired Business Practices

Belief in the positive impact of ethical practices & karma, ensuring integrity in all dealings.


Cost Effectiveness

Offering competitive & transparent pricing that presents a cost-effective alternative to large IT service organisations & Big 4 consulting firms, without compromising on quality or expertise.

Working Together

Ready to experience a recruitment journey where trust, quality, & community come first?

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let's redefine success together.

Sydney, NSW, Australia

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