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Our Story & Philosophy
Quality over Quantity. Trust over Transactions

The Story Behind Talentology

After 25 years in IT recruitment & Tech Project Resourcing, Trevor Churchley was disenchanted with the industry's focus on quantity over quality, leading to unsatisfactory outcomes & disappointment for both organisations & talent.

Recognising the need for a change, he founded Talentology in 2017, aiming to enrich the IT recruitment world by prioritising community, quality, & trust over mere transactions, moving away from treating people as numbers &
making a meaningful difference in the industry.

Our Philosophy

Discover the core beliefs that guide Talentology, where community, quality, & trust redefine IT recruitment.

At communITy by Talentology, our foundation is built on the belief that the strength of our connections defines the success of our endeavours.

We've cultivated a unique ecosystem where collaboration, trust, and shared success form the core of our philosophy.

Our approach goes beyond traditional tech recruitment and project resourcing; it's about creating a symbiotic environment where every member of our community, from IT SMEs to project professionals, thrives.

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Building Success
Through Community

All Hands In


We make a commitment to elevate the standard of tech recruitment with our core promises.

We prioritise quality over quantity, & trust over transactions, ensuring each talent match is meticulously curated from our trusted community, steering clear of impersonal internet job boards.

Respect for individuals & transparency in our dealings is paramount; we promise no ghosting & uphold honesty in every interaction.

Our profit-back guarantee reflects our confidence in delivering satisfaction, emphasising people over profits.

We share successes with our community, rewarding contributions to client achievements, & believe in the positive cycle of karma.

This pledge underpins our mission to foster a more ethical, connected, and successful tech community.

Founded by industry veteran Trevor Churchley,
communITy by Talentology represents a paradigm shift in how tech talent is sourced, vetted, & engaged.

Our model is centred on a community of trusted expert
IT SMEs, whose collective expertise & proven track records form the backbone of our unparalleled talent sourcing methodology.

This community-centric approach ensures that we provide our clients with not just any talent, but the right talent—professionals who are not only technically adept but also culturally aligned with their project goals.

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A New
in Tech Talent

Business Planning

Flexibility &
at Our Core

We believe in the power of flexibility—offering bespoke engagement models that range from providing individual experts for specific tasks to assembling full teams for comprehensive projects.

Whether our clients need support for an hour, a day, a month, or longer, we tailor our solutions to fit the unique contours of their projects.

This flexibility extends to our collaborative profit-sharing model with our IT SME partners, reinforcing our commitment to mutual success and fostering a culture of collective achievement.

At the heart of communITy by Talentology is our unwavering commitment to excellence & integrity.

We stand behind the quality of our talent & the effectiveness of our solutions with a results guarantee that underscores our confidence in delivering client satisfaction.

Our transparent & honest communication ensures that our clients and community members always know where they stand, fostering an environment of trust & respect.

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Guaranteed Excellence &

Team Meeting

Empowering Our Community

We view our community as more than just a network—it's a vibrant ecosystem of professionals who are passionate about technology & its potential to drive change.

By sharing profits & celebrating successes together, we not only reward the hard work & dedication of our community members but also motivate them to achieve even greater outcomes for our clients.

Ready to experience a recruitment journey where trust, quality, & community come first?

Connect with us today &
let's redefine success together.

Sydney, NSW, Australia

0413 671 010

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