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Side Hustle IT

Fractional & OnDemand IT Contracting Opportunities

Post-COVID, life / work flexibility has become a hot discussion topic within the world of work.
In-demand tech workers are turning to IT Contracting to secure flexibility in their work choices, hours & location.

Many are open to working multiple, fractional assignments but find it difficult to secure an ongoing pipeline of work.
As a result, Talentology developed Side Hustle IT - a program designed to easily help connect professional IT Contractors to corporates in an on-demand format.
As of January 2024, we have more than 300 fractional IT Contractors in the Program.

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What is a Side Hustle?

A side hustle is having a second
(or more) flexible gigs outside of your traditional 40-hour per week job.

With the world of work turning more flexible since the COVID pandemic, both workers & corporates are more open to engaging in side hustles to meet their project resourcing requirements that need agility & flexibility

Flexible part time, off peak and side hustle working

Is the
40-hour working week unfair?

Many contractors work more than
40-hours per week
but are only paid for 40

Think about it...
how many hours would you be paid for
if you had 2 x 25 hour per week jobs?

(Answer...50 hours!)

Why join Side Hustle?

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Additional source of income

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get paid for every hour you work!

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Freedom to pursue your passions

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Ability to gain diverse & additional experience

Image by Grzegorz Walczak

Try contracting or freelancing

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Try starting your own consulting business

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work / life balance

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Be your own boss

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