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About DNA Solutions

DNA Solutions is where science meets service. Dedicated to providing the most accurate and reliable DNA testing services, DNA Solutions operates a state-of-the-art laboratory staffed by experienced geneticists and technicians. The company ensures that every test meets the highest standards of precision and confidentiality.

Founded by Damien Roache, who brings over 20 years of consulting experience in data and technology, DNA Solutions offers a wide range of services, including paternity testing, ancestry analysis, and health-related genetic screenings. The user-friendly process and comprehensive support make it easy for clients to get the answers they need with confidence.

Believing in the power of knowledge and its role in shaping lives, DNA Solutions focuses not just on delivering results, but on providing insights that empower individuals to make informed decisions about their health, heritage, and relationships.

DNA Solutions invites everyone to discover the clarity that comes with cutting-edge genetic testing.

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