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Spotlight on Mel Walters at Initio: ESG in Project Management

Mel Walters

We are excited to spotlight Mel Walters of Initio, a valued member of Talentology's IT SME Partner community led by industry veteran Fiona McDougall (

With over two decades of experience as a Project Manager and Consultant in the IT industry, Mel has cultivated a comprehensive skill set across diverse sectors such as Financial, Energy, and Government.

Mel's expertise in managing teams, driving process improvements, and delivering exceptional project outcomes is commendable. She is passionate about sustainable project management, recognizing the importance of integrating sustainable practices into project methodologies for long-term benefits. Inspired by a webinar from the Australian Institute of Project Management, Mel has recently ventured into blogging on LinkedIn, focusing on ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) within project management.

Over the past four weeks, Mel's insightful articles have gained significant attention. Her latest blog delves into the components of ESG reporting, explaining its upcoming mandatory status in Australia. She provides practical, budget-friendly steps to incorporate sustainability in hardware refresh programs, such as recycling old hardware and using digital tools.

Mel’s initiative and passion for sustainability make her a remarkable contributor to our community. Stay tuned for more insights from Mel and explore her articles for practical tips on fostering sustainability in your projects.

Visit Initio and learn more about their contributions at Initio.

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