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Take Control of your IT Job Hunt: Questions & Tactics that IT Recruiters Fear!

Questions & Tactics that IT Recruiters Fear

Take Control of your IT Job Hunt: Questions & Tactics that IT Recruiters Fear!

In my 27 years of experience, I've seen a wide variety in IT recruiter quality - the good, the bad & the ugly. Some are awesome whilst others disrespectfully play a numbers game.

While networking is key for successful job hunting, recruiters still play a valuable role.

Here are some tips to manage interactions with recruiters effectively. Start with adopting a confident approach, ask direct questions & use bold tactics.

Qualifying Questions to ask your Recruiter:

1. Who is the client? If they don't reveal it, don't agree to be represented

2. Are a preferred supplier to the client they are speaking with you about? If they are not, your resume will most likely not be seen by the client. Period!

3. How much is the role paying? Find out early so your time is not wasted. However, get the recruiter to tell you the budget first rather than you telling them what you want.

4. Is the role a real vacancy? Have you confirmed this with the client? Be careful - some vacancies for large SIs & services orgs are for the purposes of tendering only - it's like a black hole for resumes

5. Describe their relationship with the hiring manager. How long have you known him / her / them for? If they have no relationship, your chances of success won't be great

6. Have they met with the hiring manager to qualify the role? It's a sign of committed recruiter & client

7. Why & when was the vacancy released? Has it been re-advertised & why?

8. How many candidates have applied? Are there any internal or referred candidates in the mix?

9. Am I suitable for the role? Will you be including me in the shortlist to be sent to the client? Get a commitment from the recruiter - don't die wondering

10. When will you get back to me with feedback? Get a commitment & hold them to it

11. What’s the best way to contact you? Take the initiative of contacting them

12. Are you managing the role or do you work for someone who does? Some recruiters outsource their sourcing to researchers who don't make the shortlisting decisions

Here are some ballsy tactics you can try to increase your chances of success:

1. Recruiters suffer acute FOMO (fear of missing out). When you learn who the client is, do a quick LinkedIn search of your 1st connections who may be the hiring manager or close to the hiring manager. Let the recruiter know that you have contacts there & offer to use your leverage to help them get you the job. You win, they win!

2. Again, use FOMO. If the recruiter ghosts you, give them an ultimatum. Respond with feedback by X date or you will go direct to the client or approach another agency

3. Alternatively, if you are ghosted, let the recruiter know that you will complain to their manager or agency owner. Managers & owners are generally sensitive to receiving complaints

Hope these tips help. Let me know how you go.

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