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11 Reasons to supercharge your networking skills

Should you be rewarded if you recommend one of your trusted IT contractor colleague who is successfully hired for an assignment

How important is professional networking for both your career advancement & job seeking? Here are 11 compelling reasons to leverage your trusted community & make the most of LinkedIn

⭐ Professional networking is not only important for the current position, but also for future opportunities. 80% of the professionals believe that networking can be vital for progressing in your career

⭐ 77% of recruiters actively use LinkedIn to find potential candidates. Having relevant connections on LinkedIn with whom you keep in touch can help you find a job

⭐ 46% of freelancers find jobs through friends & family members. Word of mouth plays a major role in getting more work, as one happy customer can pave the way for many others

⭐ Having good relationships with your co-workers & higher-ups is something to be considered, as 70% of the jobs are not even on job websites

⭐ 85% of positions are filled with personal or professional connections.35% of the people said that they got their current job thanks to their professional connections

⭐ 24% of job seekers find out about job opportunities through their professional connections

⭐ As many as 84% of LinkedIn users use the platform to improve & widen their professional network

⭐ Professional connections can help you with referrals to land a good job. Even though only 7% of applications are referrals, they make up 40% of the hires & have the highest rate of applicant-to-hire conversion

⭐ While looking for a job, 15 out of 63 believe that they will find a position using their connections

⭐ More than 70% of people believe that networking gives them a higher chance of career advancement

⭐ According to a report by Jobvite, 18% of the workers have applied for their current position through their friends or former colleagues

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