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Which frustrated persona are you?

Image by Julien L

 The Hiring Manager 

who spends too much of their precious time struggling to deal with salesy recruiters to hire the best tech resources that they can trust to deliver critical projects?

Image by Yogendra Singh

 The IT SME Business Owner 

who is a technology leader who is not a sales & marketing expert, & struggles to build sustainable pipelines of project work with Australian organisations?

Image by ahmad gunnaivi

 The career IT Contractor 

who is a technology expert who struggles to sell & market themselves but wants to build a ongoing pipeline of contracting work & avoid being continuously ghosted?

13 sad truths
about the tech project resourcing sector

(any of these sound familiar to you?) 


1. Tech project resourcing, or recruitment, has become an impersonal numbers game

2. Recruiters are more focused in making their placement quotas rather than being concerned about candidate welfare & feedback

3. Internet job boards sell hope, but generate excessive vacancy volumes, randomness & large-scale industry frustration

4. Recruiters pay attention to successful candidates & ghost the unsuccessful

5. Recruiters rarely provide quality post-placement support to IT Contractors

6. Recruiter service quality has been compromised by intense competition & pressure on agency profits

7. Skeptical of recruiters, hiring managers engage multiple recruiters, over-hyping the job seeker market, causing rate inflation & disappointment

8. Hiring managers spend WAY too much time vetting resumes, pressuring their time management

9. Large IT Services & Big4 Consulting Firms charge premium rates for project resourcing & staff augmentation (& supply agency contractors!)

10. Job descriptions are essential for successful recruitment, yet many hiring managers provide minimal information, reducing campaign quality & success

11. The battle between employers & talent over remote & hybrid working is intensifying

12. Ageism in tech is on the rise

13. AI is frequently touted as the silver bullet for the tech project resourcing process (it's not there as yet)

Tech project resourcing should be about the people - people deserve better

We've been in the IT Recruitment & IT Professional Service industries for 25 years & we're passionate about making tech project resourcing SIMPLE again!

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 13 Sad Truths of the 
tech project resourcing sector 

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