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Stand out from the
IT Recruiter Crowd

At Talentology, we believe that recruitment should be more than just a numbers game

Next Level
IT Recruiter

At Talentology, we believe that recruitment should be
more than just a numbers game.

We are passionate about personalizing the recruitment experience and transforming it into a process that benefits both clients and candidates. Our mission is to elevate IT recruiters to higher levels of sales and business development capability and performance, empowering them to
achieve outstanding results.

Our comprehensive coaching and mentoring program is designed to equip
IT recruiters with the skills and strategies needed to excel in today's competitive market.

What does the
Next Level IT Recruiter Program

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Sales Strategy Development & Coaching

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Business Development Coaching

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Strategic Account Management Coaching

We work closely with IT recruiters to develop effective sales strategies that drive revenue growth. By understanding the unique challenges of the IT industry, we help recruiters tailor their approach to meet client needs and achieve sales targets.

Our program assists recruiters in developing robust business development plans that align with their organization's goals. We provide guidance on identifying new business opportunities, establishing strategic partnerships, and implementing tactics to secure long-term client relationships.

Building and nurturing client relationships is essential for sustainable success. We coach recruiters on strategic account management techniques to enhance client satisfaction, retention, and growth. By developing strong partnerships, recruiters can position themselves as trusted advisors and drive business growth.

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Client & Candidate Engagement

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Personal Networking &
Brand Development

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Recruitment & Engagement Management Coaching

We emphasize the importance of personalizing the recruitment experience for both clients and candidates. Our program equips recruiters with advanced engagement strategies, enabling them to build meaningful connections, understand individual needs, and match candidates with the right opportunities.

Networking is a powerful tool in the recruitment industry. We guide recruiters on how to expand their professional networks, establish a strong personal brand, and leverage these connections to uncover new opportunities and enhance their credibility.

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Trevor Churchley - IT recruitment and sales expert

Who is the Next Level IT Recruiter Coach?

Trevor Churchley
Founder & Managing Director

Trevor is a highly accomplished sales professional with over 25 years of experience in the IT Professional Services and Recruitment industries. Regarded as one of the industry's foremost sales and business success orchestration leaders, Trevor has consistently delivered exceptional results and fostered sustainable success for organizations.

In addition to his successful sales and consulting career, Trevor also has a proven track record of successfully training, coaching, and mentoring over 30 IT Recruitment and IT Professional Services sales professionals. His guidance and direction has been instrumental in enabling these professionals to achieve sustainable success in their careers.

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