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Your Network is your net worth

Should you be rewarded if you recommend one of your trusted IT contractor colleague who is successfully hired for an assignment

Do you agree with this statement? Your professional network is your greatest asset?

Here are are some facts:

🤔 Hubspot & Forbes tell us more than 80% of all vacancies are filled through a professional network connection

🤔 CNBC report that 70% of vacancies are not published publicly.

Whether you like it or not, is sometimes is a case of 'who you know, not what you know'. Your professional network can help you achieve results quickly & efficiently, especially when negotiating the IT job, talent or project services market.

Relationships & trust play a critical role in the IT recruitment & Tech Project Resourcing sectors. Those who use their professional networks in a meaningful way prosper. Those who don't, struggle for success. It doesn't matter whether you are a hiring / project manager, IT contractor / job seeker or IT SME Leader - it affects everyone in the same way.

Want to know more about professional networking & learn ways to gain the advantage?

Reach out to Trevor at Talentology!

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