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We are all about
the power of
tech community teamwork


Talentology's Independent Persistent Teams

Talentology is an expert in sourcing & providing T*Squads
to deliver a wide range of IT Project Services to Australian corporates & Government authorities.

We partner with IT SMEs we trust who have successfully worked together as a team before.  If the project requirements expand, we can dynamically scale our teams or bring in more teams.  We can even provide virtual bench & fractional deployment services.


Innovative, flexible & inspired by the Gig Economy, our Plug-&-Play project team model provides a superior engagement service which makes the delivery of IT projects more efficient.


Our T*Squad Services

Designed for the Gig Economy, we provide full range of traditional &

non-traditional engagement options to suit a wide range of
project requirements & situations.

We provide a wide range of flexible engagement options for our Dream Tech Teams

Technology is our middle name

With more than 24 T*Squads &
access to hundred of talented fractional IT resources,
we cover a wide range of
technical & functional domains.

Our Dream Tech Teams specialise in a wide range of technical and functional domains

Benefits of
engaging our

Image by Annie Spratt

Save time
in building
project teams

Image by Jason Goodman

Team synergy enhances productivity

Image by Nubelson Fernandes

ramp-up times

Image by bruce mars

Scalable & flexible to project needs

Image by Austin Distel

Expert-led & self-supportive approach

Image by Greg Rosenke

Onshore & offshore options

Image by Jonas Leupe

Access to side-hustle & off-peak resources

Image by David Clode

Support small Aussie IT businesses

Talentology's IT SME
Community Members

GrowSure Sales consulting and software
Natcams Project Management, Infrastructure and Cloud
ITIC infrastructure, microsoft consulting, data, training
Vytec infrastructure, unified communications, video services support, field services
small robot cyber security
Caliber mobile development, software development, agile product delivery, testing, automated testing
Digitly microsoft services
Vast Solutions wifi, wireless
Zingify mobile and digital development services, product development
DNA Solutions data solutions
Verge Labs data science data services advanced analytics
DataPlay data services, business intelligence

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